Mustache Guy – Part 5


Mustache Guy is ordering his coffee, and I’m looking for a place to sit. A place far away from everybody else in the coffee shop, because I don’t want them to hear us having a “first date” conversation. I find a table in the corner.

He sits down and asks me how I’m doing and what I’ve been up to this morning.

When I tell him that I went jogging, he launches into a long story about how he likes to run and snowshoe and he used to get to snowshoe a lot for his job as a State Park Water Manager, but now that he’s taken an office job, he doesn’t get out as much as he would like.

I told you that story in five seconds. Did he really need to take ten minutes to tell it to me? It’s not that interesting of a story. Seriously.

I thank him for driving 30 miles to meet me in Salt Lake. He tells me that it was no problem and that actually he’s used to coming into Salt Lake now because his new job is in an office in Salt Lake City, but rather than waste gas and put wear and tear on his truck, he rides the bus every day, because the government provides him with a free bus pass, and it turns out that it’s good he rides the bus, because his new boss rides the same bus and they talk the whole time about work and how they can improve things and he really likes his new boss but just found out that his boss has 8 kids and no 401K or Roth or IRA, and how crazy is that that a man his age with that many kids doesn’t have any kind of retirement plan, and not only that, but his boss never takes vacation time and he has a lot coming, because he’s a Level Three Director and that means that he’s pretty high up and has earned 3 weeks of vacation a year and he can carry some of that time over into the next year, but not all of it and his boss is going to lose so much vacation time and he can’t believe that someone wouldn’t take vacation time and he always takes his, because he loves to travel and he’s been traveling a lot with his new job.


Longest. Coffee. Date. Of. My. Life.

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