Job Hunting During Covid -Job Interview Cancellation

October 2020

I’m so irritated, I can’t believe this. Another interview just got cancelled – 40 minutes before the interview. 40 minutes. This is a job I actually want, so I’ve spent hours researching this company, talking to employees, mentally psyching myself up. I put on make-up for fuck’s sake!

I’m numbing with a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. What? I already went to the gym and walked my dogs. The other option is alcohol and it’s not even 1PM yet, so pumpkin chocolate chip cookie it is. That’s how I’m handling the emotional cluster fuck of the day.

Interviewing is tough. It’s stressful and emotionally draining; all of the preparation and practice beforehand is the most stressful part. And now it’s not happening.

I’ve never gotten the job when a hiring manager “reschedules” the interview. This is not a good sign.

Or is it? It could be a sign that I dodged a bullet. Clearly, this hiring manager is either unprepared, disorganized, disrespectful, or doesn’t really care about filling the role.

If the hiring manager is unprepared or disorganized, I don’t wanna work for her. Working for that kind of boss is exhausting. You’re constantly changing the way you do things to accommodate for her lack of preparation; you’re cleaning up her messes, making excuses for her, and sometimes taking the blame.

Been there, done that. Never again.

If the hiring manager is disrespectful towards his employees or doesn’t really care about filling the position, it means that he considers this a throwaway role. He doesn’t care if it’s filled or not. Which means if you do get hired, you’ll be treated like shit. You’ll become the assistant, not the valued employee with experience, talent, and value—you’ll be the person running his data analyses, filling out his spreadsheets, balancing his expense reports.

Been there, done that. Never again.

This last-minute job interview cancellation has really fucked with my head for some reason. I’ve been here before, so you’d think it wouldn’t bother me. But for some reason, I feel like I’m getting treated worse and worse by potential employers the longer this job-hunting catastrophe goes on, so each slight feels like a deeper and deeper stab.

Last-minute job interview cancellations are the epitome of disrespect. The emotional let down of this one has immobilized me.

I’m so tired. Exhausted, really. It’s like you prepare and psych yourself up for something like giving a presentation or meeting the in-laws or asking for the raise or running your first 5K or accomplishing a major “thing.” Once it’s over, you’re emotionally exhausted. Well, that’s how I feel right now. Except that I didn’t even get to accomplish my thing.

Gabby Bernstein says, “use these setbacks as opportunities!”

Normally I like you, Gabby, but this time – and I say this with love: “Fuck you, bitch.”

I’m eating a fucking pumpkin chocolate chip cookie and having a fucking pity party and that’s how I’m using this fucking setback as a fucking opportunity!

Fuck it. Do I have any whiskey left?